Shaolin 5 Animals
Class Schedule:
Monday 6pm. Saturday 11am.
children Monday 5pm
£12 per class or £180 for 3 months (twice a week).

Shaolin 5 Animals are one of the original forms of Shaolin Kung fu. According to Paul Whitrod's teacher Ji Jian Cheng. The system was combined some 400 years ago by the Shaolin monk name Bai Yun Fun. Originally they were 5 separate forms.
These were Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Leopard and Crane.

According to the system each animal represented a certain part of the body and its energies.
Tiger = Bones
Dragon = Spirit
Snake = flexibility
Leopard = power
Crane = Ching Lo

Bai Yu Fun combined the 5 animals to create two forms about 400 years ago. These were passed down through the age and taught to Jia Jian Cheng Grandfather who lived in the Shaolin temple, it was he who taught Ji Jian Cheng. His Grandfather passed away in 1994 at 92. He was one of the last few monks to learn this art form. This is the traditional art of Shaolin unlike some modern Shaolin counterparts taught to day. Ji was asked by the Chinese government back in 1984 to reintroduce this art form at Shaolin monastery. Paul Whitrod studied this art from Ji since 1994 and now teaches this traditional art form at his full time school