Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu
Class Schedule:
Monday 7pm. Wednesday 7pm. Saturday 12pm. (Seniors Tuesday 7pm).
Children classes Monday 5pm & Saturday 11am.
£12 per class or £180 for 3 months (twice a week).

Paul Whitrod sifu has been studying this unique fighting art for more than 30 years starting in 1975 under Yip Chee Keung Sifu. Then studying this art in Hong Kong living at the home of His Grandmaster Yip Shui in Kowloon city Hong Kong. In those days there were not many westerners training in Hong Kong in any art for that matter. Paul Whitrod was one of those few and at the age of 20 ventured to Hong Kong by an invitation from the Yip family. Over the years Paul travelled back and forth to train and completed the art after 20 years training. This includes dim yuet skills and dit dar medicine, one has to take a vow to Grandmaster Yip Shui and alter to be revealed this knowledge!

This system is a deadly art and if practised properly can unleash the immense power from training the hidden powers of the body.

Paul explains: "Actually is it a quite a simple system, with low line kicks fast close-in rapid hand skills, I can guarantee that anyone who comes to my school wanting to learn this art I can get them fighting fit with a basic understanding of how they can defend themselves in a very short period of time".

So whats in the system? here is a small sample of the skills, forms etc

In the Southern Chow Gar Praying Mantis kung fu system there are many different types of hand and leg techniques as well as forms, drills, sensitivity skills, weapons etc. There are 8 forms and 1 more for development of the body namely sarm bo jin the others famous forms are

Sarm Bo Jin (3 step arrow) (power building)
Gau Si Mun sau (9 seeking hands) (sneaky skills)
Mo Ying Sau Chor Kui (no shadow hand crack the bridge) (limb breaking)
Bo Sim Sau (searching insect hand) (dim yuet hitting)
Gen Tung Gen Sau Lin Wa say (shock power hand) (explosive skills)
Poon loong keok (flying dragon leg) (floor skills)
Yau Loong Sau (swiming dragon hands) (soft application)
Say Mun Sau (four gates hand) (covering and defending the lines)
Bic Saan (lifting mountain) (finger seizing)

There are many two person training drills to develop the sensitivity. Forms are just forms if you do not know their application. That's why Paul Whitrod sifu uses one of the motto's "Understanding through application."