The Brutal Ancient Art of Krabi Krabong
Class Schedule:
Saturday 3.30pm.
£15 per class or £120 for 10 week course.

For years the art of Krabi Krabong was kept secret and was slowly dying out. But thanks to many of its practitioners like the legendary Grandmaster Ajarn Mesamana and his son 71 year old Ajarn Pramote Mesamana is being kept alive. Ajarn Pramote studied this art at a young age from his father Ajarn Mesamana who passed away in 1998. Since then he carried the name Buddhai Sawan and has relocated at Bangkok area of Lad Prao.
Ajarn Pramote has now passed the art onto Paul Whitrod who has reached Gold Sash 6th level in the art of Krabi Krabong and with the blessing from Ajarn Promote openly teaches in the UK carrying the name Buddhai Sawan, teaching this fantastic and obscure Thai Martial art.

Techniques in Krabi Krabong go back 1000s of years and the names of the dances depict the epic Ramayana. Such classical names found in the Krabi Krabong dances (Ram Ahwut) are based on that epic Ramayana. Such as, (duk gor Sita) trying to Grab Sita. Sita is the consort of Lord Rama. Many others include hanuman (monkey God) and other great personalities. These are shown in the classical dances of Krabi and are done slow with correct breathing alongside with music.
In Krabi Krabong double swords are used against another person with double swords. There is a standard set number of sequences to master in a block and attack method know as (fun kor) and (Raab kor) if attacking the neck. The skills are done in a set of three (mai Saam) five (mai ha) seven (mai chit) and so on. Once these are have mastered then you move onto more advanced skill where you slice open the stomach of your opponent (Only play acting) to reveal the worm, meaning the intestine. Hence one can see why Krabi Krabong is brutal. There are several weapons in Krabi Krabong such at the (Ngau) long sword. Used from being on top of an Elephant to stab and slice those below and others also riding Elephants. The (plong) staff. (My seuk) wooden short sticks that are held on the arms, and the start of monkey boxing (ling ling). Other includes sword and shield and to name a few.
Paul Whitrod states; Krabi Krabong is both beautiful to watch and a very devastating art. One has to jump, leap, twist and turn.

Although Krabi Krabong is weapon's based art. It still retains its open hand skills. This is because if one lost their weapons one had to fight with empty hand skills. Thus with correct training Krabi Krabong disciplines the mind and body.