Martial Arts Channel devoted to martial arts from around the world!
At our full time school of Martial Arts in Stratford East London we are proud to offer a wide range of fantastic fighting arts.

The club itself has an excellent reputation and the classes are geared towards all aspects of martial arts training and follow the traditional and strict training regimes of the relevant martial arts.
Fully matted floor for comfort & protection. Wide range of weapons & protective gear for close quarter combat.

Classes for adults. Classes for kids. Classes for health. Instructor courses. One on One tuition.
It is all available under one roof!

From China...
Kung Fu... Praying Mantis, Shaolin 5 Animals, Hsing Yi, Bagua & Tai Chi.

From India...
Kalarippayatt. Wrestling & Grappling. Weapons including sword & shield, sticks & machetes... Incredible fighting arts from India, said to be the oldest fighting arts in the world. Several styles are taught from different secluded villages in Kerela.

From Thailand...
Thai Boxing, Muay Boran & Krabi Krabong (weapons).

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Feel free to call for any advice on how we can help you.


Full Time School: 27 Romford Rd. Stratford. London E15 4LJ