Swimming Dragons Ba Gua
Class Schedule:
Monday 8.30pm. Thursday 7pm.
£12 per class or £180 for 3 months (twice a week).

The history of Ba Gua Chang as an internal form of martial arts is unclear. The most acceptable theory suggests that Dong (Tung) Hai-ch'uan (1798-1879) learned Bagua from a Daoist named Dong Menglin of Jinhua Mountain in Anhui Province. After rising in fame in Bejing (Peking) Dong (Tung) was challenged by Kuo Yen-Shen of Hsing-i chuan both were equally matched and stalemate resulted

The Swimming Dragons Ba Gua is from Sun Lu Tang linage. Being both fast and sharp. The Essence of this system is speed and agility and to escape from locks being applied.
This particular form has many Shui Jia Skills (wrestling).Flow locking manoeuvres that resemble the dragon being able to twist and turn making it harder for the opponent to seize hold.
Paul Whitrod learnt this unique art from Master Ji Jian Cheng. Compared to many Ba Gua systems, Su Lu Tangs swimming dragons is a shorter system, unlike say yin fu Ba Gau that incorporated the shaolin system making it very long. Paul Whitrod emphasises a great deal of application from the system plus fighting forms and wrestling skills which suit this form of Ba Gua. Hence his Association is called Combative Ba Gua.
The motto of the school is Understanding through application. As sometime we can see there is much theory regarding its practise along with the I Ching etc. But Paul Whitrod emphasis that only through application and wrestling plus sparring that results will be revealed.